Colours and White Coat

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The purpose of starting the website is to look for beautiful work of professionals. With increasing pressure from work sector, usually, it is easy to forget our hobby. However, there are few people, who continually inspired us to be more creative with our childhood hobbies. It is my pleasure to display talent /hobby of a prominent otolaryngologist: Dr Sapna Jain. Despite her busy practice she managed to create some beautiful painting with watercolours. Her vibrant choice of colours is undoubtedly my favourite. Interestingly, her ideas are not limited to display art on paper but also goes beyond the boundaries of the house to the garden. Her DIY recycle ideas of changing empty containers to pot planter is useful and creative tips for parents and children. Hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. 

                                                                                                    Cheers,   Dr Gargi Sinha

She describes herself in straightforward words .

I am Dr sapna jain an ENT specialist by profession..have been studious since childhood and art never found a place in my shelf amongst books of science, maths and later anatomy ,medicine and main years passed in struggle and to achieve what I am today…thn marriage and thn children..the early years of motherhood along with ur unsettled profession leave u drained out to do anything for urself or explore urself..gradually as I attained bit stability and as my kids are growing ,…n with lack of   learning experience and with whatever available at hand I have made these drawings with my kids wAtercolours,…in bit free time available after opd in hospital…(u know u too busy at home with ur kids).. they won’t let u do this all….sometimes to distract myself from ups n downs of life and have mental peace….wrote in rhyming words  my thoughts sometimes….and sometimes got creative becoz of kids school projects….n m happy to know n explore  dis new aspect of myself  dat there is a tinge of art hidden behind my professional name plate…n may b it was always there…but hidden till date……
Thanks a lot .. Dr Sapna Jain



  1. Hi Sapna..It’s amazing to see the amazing talent that u have.Not only in drawing or painting but also Poem writing..I enjoy every bit of it! Keep shining.

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