Adding colours to the life of : children and canvas



Usually, some people paint, and some are a paediatrician .But here meet a talented paediatrician who loves to paint.  Dr Rashmi Naudiyal  a  paediatrician takes her hobby to the next level by introducing the painting competitions for community children. She is a confident person who also known for her excellent cooking skill and presentation. I think she can transform any dull task into an artistic display; be it home decoration or painting presentation. I think her passion for art is undoubtedly motivation for many.Feel free to take a look at her work


Note These blogs sincerely appreciate extreme hard work of professional painters, writer and artist. Without their contributions in their respective field, creativite world would not achieve its marvellous status. Let me clarify that the intention of this endeavour is :not about claiming of a great artist. Instead, I would like to call them everyday hobbies. Sometimes these are influenced by a newspaper picture or inspired by a television show.Hence, when you are going through the work, remember these are just hobbies of someone. No one is claiming to be a professional artist. I borrowed these hobbies for the blog to show the young generation that doesn’t give up your talent . Be creative in your way because it can relax you and provide you with an opportunity to explore some hidden talent inside. Most importantly, helps one to find his/her unique way of ‘explaining about self’ to the world rather than monotonous professional introduction such as a doctor, a teacher or an officer.                                                                            cheers ,Dr Gargi Sinha



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In her words………………

I’m a Practising Pediatrician & a hands-on mom, to a beautiful 9yr old daughter & a happy-go-lucky wife, to a loving husband..
A Gemini by zodiac, I’m fearless in experimenting different things & discovering new things about myself!
I have always loved painting with water colours since early childhood but my husband egged me to try out acrylic colours on canvas & that’s how I did my first canvas painting last year..The encouragement from friends in school & college, that followed, was pretty exhilarating experience for me!
Another passion of mine, ie. Cooking, happened purely by hit & trial method.. Whenever I used to savour any new delicacy in a restaurant, I tried to look for its ingredients & with some help from the internet, I used to give it a shot.. Thankfully, my husband “bears” all those first time gaffes & still manages to put up with me !! So after 10-11 yrs of my being a rookie in the kitchen 😛 , I can manage to boast of some good culinary skills now ! Indian Vegetarian fare is my speciality though I cook some Chinese & Italian fare with equal ease..Baking cake is one of my earliest loves in the kitchen..
I’m an extrovert, who loves to interact with anyone who is willing to strike a healthy conversation on various topics ranging from politics, Hindu mythology, science & even our good desi bollywood..I’m a nature lover which makes me an avid traveller..It gives me an opportunity of enjoying various bounties of nature..Humming melodious songs & shaking a leg with my loved ones give me comfort…

Dr Rashmi Naudiyal 


  • in my clinic : organised a colourin competition for kids. Thanks to them for their wonderful contribution .


    1. Thank u dear Sapna..U all give me so much encouragement & appreciation to try out new things ! Thanks to Gargi, for making our little works, stand out.. Love all…😊

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