Sketch Book from my memory lane


I am not an artist, but I have a fascinating hobby of appreciating colours and sketches. Since childhood, I had the opportunity to witness; how a white paper turns into a beautiful artwork. What I realised that generating a piece of art is not magic or a bare talent.    It is the perseverance and patience of artist to devote their time in isolation to create a proficient visual delight.

abhrham lincon


 These are some old sketches done by my brother,when he was a school going student, around 1994. After coming back from school, he happily sits down to draw some of his favourite leaders. I think his artwork undoubtedly inspire my inclination towards appreciating colours. 

nelson mandella



mother teresa

My intention with these artwork is to motivate people to pick up some time from their busy schedules  to discover their hobby. There is no harm in exploring the creative side of yours. Who knows, may be we can inspire our next generation in a better way .

Yesterday, my 7 year old son tried to copy one of my simple sketch . I realised that creativity is not only about learning art but also a fun way to develop interest in colours .

Hope all these collections of hobbies in this blog may help readers to be more creative in coming year. Feel free to take a tour of link below to get more creative ideas

A world of colours and imagination
A world of colours and imagination:-Creative work of others ,certainly giving me enough inspiration to draw something with kids .



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